MEOWzzz is inspired by Mitzi Gaynor, an adorable rescue kitty who fell into my life about 6 years ago. She was found in my building in the midst of maddening NYC construction, crouched between two large oil cans, terrified. She was quickly scooped up and fostered by a neighbor, our resident cat person, and I met her about 2 months later. She owned me the second I met her, moved in and took over the place.

If you love cats (and I suspect you do since you're here!), you know that rescue kitties come with a host of issues. I grew up with dogs, mice, rats, gerbils and horses but oddly enough we never had cats. I had little idea of how to care for a kitten, let alone one who has "issues" (it was recommended she not be around kids and that she be adopted alone). And I live in a studio in NYC. And it turns out she has mild pancreatitis which is why her feeding habits were horrible at the start (she now licks the plate clean).

But I quickly learned. I had call after call with the gang @ Whiskers in NYC.  I  plopped myself down and watched Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat from Hell".  Seriously, if you want to understand yourself and understand what makes cats tick, this is the way to go. I learned that cats don't act out unless there's a reason.  And it can usually be fixed through changing circumstances or through addressing health issues. Of course, it ended up pretty well for her; although I live in one room, she lives in a duplex (she now has upper decks all over to roam around)....And to round it out, I finally found the right vet, who has helped her over-all well-being (Dr. Lang @ Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital). The difference in her happiness is remarkable.

My little noodlepants (one of her nicknames) has taught me a lot about patience, understanding & what unconditional love means. And I guess it's safe to say, she's become my "Mews". Yes, I am now undeniably and unabashedly a cat lady.

And speaking of mews, I'm also musician/singer/songwriter/composer/actor ("if mewsic be the food of love") as well as graphic artist (www.nancymagarill.com). Inspired by this little lion, I've created the t-shirts, bags and art you see here on the site. The T-shirts are really soft & comfy to wear, the bags are fun, whimsical and also pretty functional, and the laser art pieces are great gifts and pieces for the crazy, upside down kitty in all of us.

I hope you all enjoy these products and share them with everyone...and help get the word out as Meowzzz grows.

Thanks for stopping by!

Nancy (and Mitzi Gaynor, the cat, not the performer)



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